Franklin County's unique qualities

Rural western Maine is one of the state's most unique regions. The Franklin County Community College Network recognizes this uniqueness. Through a partnership with Central Maine Community College, higher educational opportunities for students in Franklin County are now readily available, uniquely positioned to fit the particular needs of local people.

Community higher education, made accessible

It takes a village to educate its people – the Franklin County Community College Network is a networked approach to higher education – an approach that's both affordable and accessible.

With multiple sites offering classes and with a variety of course offerings, accessing higher education opportunities for Franklin County residents is now a reality.

When classes first began in 2005, only a few offerings were available. By the Fall of 2015 over 168 classes have been offered at five different sites, including the northern part of Franklin County.

Higher education, made accessible through the Franklin County Community College Network, and Maine Community College System.

The case for FCCCN

The world has changed and so has the necessity of higher education. Success in today's global economy requires higher-level skills and greater sophistication than ever before.

Franklin County Community College Network – supporting economic opportunities through partnerships with private business, community organizations, and collaboration with institutions of higher education.

Since the fall of 2005, the Franklin County Community College Network has been offering college classes and providing a pathway to the future, promoting higher educational opportunities to residents of the Franklin County.

Through our network, we are committed to providing access to opportunities that are rooted in the unique communities that make up our county.

The Franklin County Community College Network-higher education that is affordable and accessible-providing opportunities for the future to residents of the county.